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Flying Lotus Posts Six New Tracks, Hear Them Now

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
July 25, 2011
Flying Lotus - kingmidas 'Lost' Remix Instrumental '08

Flying Lotus - Voyagerrrrrs

Flying Lotus - buriedMIX2 //burial dj kicks??'08

Flying Lotus - shafiq evil man remix final

Flying Lotus - Velvet cake Mix2

Flying Lotus - Elephant Ride '07

Flying Lotus has announced the arrival of the new tracks via Twitter, saying "Posted a bunch of things on soundcloud.com/flyinglotus (no promo)"  I guess he's letting the music speak for itself.

In the heady, post-dubstep, beat-and-bass-heavy world of Flying Lotus, all you need is Summertime and some beats to create an otherworldly cocktail of digital and analog sounds. It was just last week that he posted two new songs, now we get six more.

Flying Lotus might be working on a remix version of Radiohead's album The King of Limbs, according to an interview in the Colorado Springs Independent. When talking about a recent appearance by Thom Yorke and Flying Lotus at the LA club Low End Theory, the question of any future collaborations came up. It was then that he said that Radiohead wants Flying Lotus to remix the latest Radiohead album King of Limbs.

"They wanted me to remix the new Radiohead record, and I've been trying to mess with that a little bit. But I haven't gotten to it yet," he said.

When asked what it would sound like, FlyLo said "It's too early to say, man. I have no fucking clue. It's difficult to work with, because the pieces that they gave me, there's no real a cappella. It's like piano and voice at the same time."

He did have good things to say about collaborating with Thom Yorke, and their recent appearance at Low End Theory.

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