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Apple TV Adds TV Shows to iCloud

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By: Corey Tate
August 2, 2011
In addition to yesterday's ideas about the upcoming iTunes update to version 11 comes the news that Apple has added new features to Apple TV, namely iTunes TV show streaming and support for the new Vimeo player, allowing Apple TV users watch TV shows bought on iTunes on their TV sets. The good news here is the range of choices as it allows you to work your video experience through iTunes, Apple TV or iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. The world is finally your oyster!

You can actually do in-the-cloud, or iCloud streaming straight from an Apple server, rather than actually doing a messy download of a big HDTV show. This bodes well with the iCloud offering that should happen this Fall, as Apple seems poised to offer a lot of potential with the new iCloud, including support for movies and even possibly a big, fat Apple TV set in HDTV.

Apple TV has also added support for the high-quality but underrated Vimeo video app, who just announced this week that they're rolling out new services. Vimeo is on a roll!

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