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Pirate Bay Founders Launch New "Bayfiles" Web Site

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By: Corey Tate
August 30, 2011

The Pirate Bay founders have launched a new web site called Bayfiles, a site for online storage and downloading. The name Bayfiles obviously feeds off of the Pirate Bay name to get some good name recognition.

Bayfiles will be similar in experience to what you see on storage and search sites like Megaupload, RapidShare and Hotfile -- which is to say it can be an anonymous upload. They do want to move beyond being just a cyberlocker, and their timing is good for an all-inclusive in-the-cloud type of site for users to access files from anywhere with any device. Services include 250 MB of storage for an unregistered user, 500 MB for a registered user, and a full-on 5GB for a premium member. Live large.

They'll be acting on copyright takedown notices, so it's obvious that they're taking a different tack than they did in their (pre-trial) Pirate Bay music days. I guess losing a major court case in front of the world can give one a sense of perspective.

“BitTorrent is increasingly throttled or even filtered by ISPs, HTTP usually is not. Storage and transfers on Bayfiles also preserve users’ privacy. And another advantage is that users can be sure that content stays up, which is important for personal backups. It also guarantees that other personal files such as your MP3 collection are always accessible, so users are able to stream it live to any device,” co-founder Fredrik Neij said when speaking to TorrentFreak.

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