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Sony / PIAS Warehouse Fire Could Have Been Part of an Organized Heist

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
August 30, 2011

A new theory has emerged that the Sony / PIAS warehouse fire was actually part of a bigger heist, one that involved a large criminal gang who wanted to take advantage of the chaos of the London riots to stage a robbery. The Telegraph is reporting today that the Sony warehouse fire in Enfield, north London saw three million CDs and tens of thousands of film DVDs either missing or destroyed.

The report reads that " intruders first arrived wielding specialist cutting equipment and spent up to two hours dismantling a high security fence before breaking in," and then drove a fleet of vans in to conduct a large-scale theft. The theory from there is that the thieves then invited a number of criminal gangs (farther down in the pecking order) to come in behind them as a means to cover their tracks.

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