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Current Theory: iPhone 5 Gets Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger for iCloud Launch

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By: Corey Tate
August 3, 2011

The iPhone5 saga has got us wondering about a release date and what kind of news to expect from a possible update. The rumors have been flying, but the current concensus seems to be that a new iPhone 5 release date is sometime this Fall, pushed back due to limited supplies, but hopefully before the holidays, probably October.

The best of the best theories say that the iPhone 5 features an eight-megapixel camera while the phone gets slimmer and faster. Most iPhone releases get a little slimmer, so that's not a surprise. Look at the original iPod compared to the latest models to see the same effect. It also allegedly gets faster, possibly with an A5 processor that's also in the iPad 2. Less loading time means better access to music, right? Each incemental improvement means that music and video play fast, so this would be a welcome addition to the iPhone 5.

"... sources indicate that it will sport a slightly larger display than the current 3.5-inch retina display that is already industry leading. We are picking up that it will retain a similar form factor and size but with [a] thinner bezel," said analyst Shawn Wu of Stern, Agee & Leach Equity Research. iPhone 5 specs are hard to find, so this is welccome news in a world of rumors. There's a good chance he's either seen the phone, or knows someone who has.

iTunes might be headed for a redesign and overhaul for better iCloud integration, The current word and rumors on the digital street are that there will be a new offering from Apple this Fall that will layout new visions of the iPad, iPhone, iTunes and of the course the long-awaited iCloud.

This all goes hand in hand with yesterday's launch of The site went live as a beta, giving us a small preview. iCloud should be available this Fall, with 5GB of free storage, plus an additional option of 10GB for $20/year, 20GB for $40/year and 50GB for $100/year.

Also in the works this week is the news that Apple has added new features to Apple TV, namely iTunes TV show streaming and support for the new Vimeo player, allowing Apple TV users watch TV shows bought on iTunes on their TV sets. The good news here is the range of choices as it allows you to work your video experience through iTunes, Apple TV or iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. The world is finally your oyster!


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