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Sigur Rós Launch INNI Video, But What Is INNI?

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
August 11, 2011

A new Sigur Ros video appeared online today, with the title "Inni." It's been revealed in a completely mysterious way, through the Sigur Ros mailing list and web site, with the video being the only offering and no description. Obviously they want us to endlessly chatter on what the Sigur Ros video is all about, so a couple of theories:

1) This could be for a Sigur Ros live DVD, since the video shows the band performing live in front of an audience, even if the sound for the video is not what the band is playing live in the footage. It's kind of surreal like that.

2) Maybe there's a Sigur Ros movie coming out? How cool would a Sigur Ros theatrical release be ... the group experience would be better than a DVD or online stream.

3) Maybe this is the start of a new Sigur Ros album, and they're trying to create an online buzz around that. It's been a long time since they released anything, and things have been all quiet on the Sigur Ros front.

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