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Start Boinc'ing: Download Music Service Boinc to Roll Out Later This Year

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By: Corey Tate
August 23, 2011

Boinc is (yet another) new music download service set to roll out this year, as brought to us by Beyond Oblivion. They've launched their web site for now, at www.boinc.com/ and will go live later in 2011.

So far, Boinc looks to be fairly standard as a social music service, available on your home computer, tablet computer like iPad or Galaxy, or mobile phones like the iPhone or Android phone. It's an ad-free, cloud-based music service, meaning that you can pay a one-time fee for music you can use across all of your devices, and have all of them synched via cloud-based storage. You synch your library by "boinc'ing" your library. No laughing, I know what your thinking right now.

Boinc looks to be legit, too, with the Financial Times reporting that that Boinc is concluding negotiations with the big 4 record labels after 18 months of hashing out the details. The fee payed by users will go partly to copyright owners, "paying copyright owners a micro-royalty per play, no matter if the original file were legally or illegally downloaded" according to a press release.

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Editor's note: This article originally stated that Boinc was a subscription and streaming music service, it has been revised to show that Boinc users pay a one-time fee to download tracks.


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