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Facebook Music Service for Streaming Music Likely This Fall

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By: Corey Tate
September 5, 2011

Facebook is likely to make a move towards Facebook Music this month, making it a hub for music, games and movies. The rumors of Facebook Music have been as rampant this Summer as the iPhone 5, but news surfaced last week of Facebook sharing information with a number of media outlets about the integration of streaming music services like Spotify, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody.

The new music sharing on Facebook is being called "connective tissue" in describing the way in which users can share music and playlists. Right now, all of the streaming music services are stand-alone experiences, and Facebook Music looks like it will be a way to share a song or playlist with a Facebook friend in a way that translates to each person's streming music service of choice.

This means that a MOG user could share a playlist that a Spotify user can open in Spotify. It sounds simple in hindsight, but before now this was not possible. What remains unclear at this point is how it will take shape ... ideas in the past have included a Facebook Music page or a Facebook Music app, but what seems more likely is the ability of people to communicate via the normal way they have always done through Facebook, with playlist and song links that translate from from one streaming music site to another. It could be possible that the music app would open inside of Facebook.

Back in June, we talked about how a Facebook Music offering would be listed under a tab in the left-hand column of a Facebook page, alongside Photos, Friends, Places (etc.) and would be a "music dashboard" that integrates music recommendations from friends. Details are unconfirmed so far, but it looks like this area could provide a sort of Facebook Music player for a variety of music platforms, like iCloud, MOG, or whatever streaming music service your Facebook friend uses.

In other words, Facebook keeps being Facebook, but integrates new ways of sharing with your social media peeps. The other side of this is that the streaming music services like MOG, Spotify Rdio and Rhapsody will add a "Facebook Connect" log in feature on their services, to allow users to share music in a user-friendly and convenient way.

A current theory is that it will be announced at Facebook's f8 developer conference later this month. All in all, this could mean good things for Facebook and their advertising -- sharing and music discovery will mean that people will spend even more time in the advertising-friendly Facebook zone.


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