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Google Music Arrives for iPhone, iPad

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By: Corey Tate
September 12, 2011
Google Music is now open to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. It's currently in the testing phase and is an invite-only free service. The new Google Music app isn't a stand-alone app, but rather a browser-based, HTML thing. This means you can just go http://music.google.com/ in your Apple mobile device and start using it.

Google is skipping the stand-alone app experience in favor of making it work in Safari. This represents a current trend in which apps are skipping Apple's app store in favor of creating a web site that has an app-like experience.

This strikes an early blow to Apple, as Google Music has gotten the jump on Apple on its own platform. Apple is expected to launch its streaming music service called iCloud later this Fall. Interestingly enough, Google HAS decided to make a stand-alone Google Music app for Android.

Google Music works similar to iCloud’s iTunes Match in that it will scan your computer for music, then make it available for playback as a cloud-based music streaming service. Google Music will actually stream the music while iCloud apparently downloads a few songs ahead of your playback queue. The difference to the user is the same, but the technology is different. iCloud should be available this Fall, as it kicked off its opening back in the beginning of August.

Google unveiled its Google Music service and a movie service at Google's annual I/O conference in San Francisco back in May, calling it Google Music beta and launching the service at music.google.com

You can stream music from what is essentially a Google Music locker that will let users store and play their music from anywhere, by using a cloud-based storage similar to what Amazon has going. In-the-cloud storage is all the rage these days, because it gives you access from your work computer, your phone, your laptop, whatever, whenever you want it.

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