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Muve Music Now Has 200,000 Subscribers

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
September 12, 2011
Muve Music has doubled its subscriber count to 200,000 in the past two months, making Muve second in the subscription music category behind Rhapsody, who has about 800,000 subscribers. This sounds impressive at first, and is definitely a big audience, but after a review there's more to the Muve Music story than a user count.

Muve is an unlimited music service that's included as part of a wireless rate plan, meaning that when you sign up for Cricket Communications wireless plan, you get automatically opted into the Muve music plan. That's the way to interpret these results, everybody that has Muve didn't choose Muve, it just came with their wireless plan.

This same sort of radical Muve announcement happened earlier this year. What seems harder to define is how many active users Muve has, meaning those that actually use the service, not just get automatically assigned the service because they signed on with Cricket Communications.

According to AP, Muve Music accounts for "70 percent of plays of the top 10,000 songs played on mobile devices in July in the so-called tethered streaming category that it shares with Rhapsody, MOG, Spotify and Rdio" using Nielsen Co. for its data.

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