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Facebook Music Could Include Scrobbler, Playlist Sharing

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By: Corey Tate
September 12, 2011

The latest round of Facebook Music news and rumors adds in on two features that we're likely to see in Facebook Music. The first is scrobbling, the other is a "post-music-to-profile feature" that arose last week and was just mentioned again by TechCrunch.

The Facebook Music scrobbler feature would work like scrobbling does on Last.FM, an automatic tracking of the music you listen to that shows up as a most-played tracks kind of list.

The new music sharing on Facebook is a "post-music-to-profile feature" that's als been described as "connective tissue" to explain the way in which users can share music and playlists. Right now, all of the streaming music services are stand-alone experiences, and Facebook Music looks like it will be a way to share a song or playlist with a Facebook friend in a way that translates to each person's streaming music service of choice.

This means that a MOG user could share a playlist that a Spotify user can open in Spotify. It sounds simple in hindsight, but before now this was not possible. Now it could take shape as a Facebook Music page or a Facebook Music app, but what seems more likely is the ability of people to communicate via the normal way they have always done through Facebook, with playlist and song links that translate from from one streaming music site to another. It could be possible that the music app would open inside of Facebook.

One new item that's appeared on the web today: concert tickets. Business Insider is talking about a Facebook concert tickets feature that will include the ability to buy tickets, see which of your friends are going to what shows, and where their sittingon a venue map.

Back in June, we talked about how a Facebook Music offering would be listed under a tab in the left-hand column of a Facebook page, alongside Photos, Friends, Places (etc.) and would be a "music dashboard" that integrates music recommendations from friends.

So far the big theory is that would include at least the big four streaming music apps: MOG, Rdio, Spotify and Rhapsody.

Check out more about steaming music sites in the Spacelab Streaming Music Guide.


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