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MOG Music Launches FreePlay

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By: Corey Tate
September 15, 2011

MOG launched a free version of its music service today, which seems to be in anticipation of the upcoming Facebook Music announcement looming next week. The new MOG music service will go ad-free for 60 days, after which normal ad-supported service will begin.

You'll get the MOG Music Network catalog of over 11 million songs in what they're calling MOG FreePlay, a system that gives a user a base set of free streaming music with the opportunity to earn more based on participation. Freemium is back, with a new angle. This changes the MOG pricing plan of the past and gives users a new incentive.

"The FreePlay tank showcases how much free music a user has along with "earn music" and "upgrade" links that provide listeners the opportunity to earn more music, or upgrade to MOG Primo, a subscription plan that includes unlimited, ad-free music, and access to MOG via mobile devices, consumer electronic and streaming entertainment devices, and soon, the car," reads a statement from MOG.

Apple freaks (and you know who you are) can freak out, because the new MOG Music HTML5 player that was launched earlier this year has just been issued as an Apple desktop app. That means you can install it on your Apple computer and run all of your music through the app. Windows peeps ... one is coming soon for that side.

The interface has grown larger, with more useable features like a MOG Facebook integration and a player that works across all mobile devices, including the iPad. This is also the first substantial upgrade to the MOG service since they launched their mobile app last Summer.

So in the MOG vs. Spotify and MOG vs Rdio game, we've gone another step further down the road. Rdio is expected to announce a new program sometime in the next week and Spotify just added a new Pandora Radio-like feature called Echofi that was created by The EchoNest.

Full disclosure: MOG is a Spacelab advertising partner but has not influenced the content of this article in any way.

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