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iPad 3 Release Date 2011 Turns to Release Date 2012

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By: Corey Tate
September 19, 2011

Any hope of using music apps on a groovy new iPad 3 in 2011 might have to be tempered with the new iPad rumors that 2012 might be a better iPad release date. Analyst Mark Moskowitz from J.P. Morgan says that there's no need to rush that thang:

"Separately, we do not expect iPad 3 this year, but there's no rush. The other tablet entrants have stumbled. Offerings by MMI and RIM have been the latest disappointments. Also, we had the opportunity to demo Sony's tablet before its launch. We were not impressed." So sayeth Mark.

On the upside, a later iPad 3 release date means more time to develop the software, so maybe the good news here is that Apple can spend more time developing good things for use on the shiny new device. iPad 3 specs have been far less clear, but so far believable rumors have included a speedier device, a camera flash, improved resolution (often referred to as retina display) and improved HDMI support. HDMI is the standard that lets you connect the iPad to your TV to stream video and other things from the Internet.

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