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Facebook Music Player Scrapped Before F8 Conference

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By: Corey Tate
September 20, 2011

Facebook is likely to make a move towards Facebook Music at its f8 conference, making it a conduit for music, games and movies. The rumors of Facebook Music Player have been as rampant this Summer as the iPhone 5, but news surfaced today that Facebook had abandoned its Facebook Music dashboard strategy in favor just providing links.

The difference could be substantial. The original dashboard approach had the user staying inside of Facebook to play music, regardless of whether it came via MOG, Spotify, Rdio or Rhapsody. Now it looks like those plans have been either shelved or delayed, according to Peter Kafka at AllThingsD.

"... But those plans have been scrapped in recent weeks, according to multiple sources familiar with the launch plans. New plan: When a user clicks on an update telling them that, say, their friend is listening to a song on Spotify, Facebook will open up a Spotify page and give the user the ability to sign on via a single click, using their Facebook identity. But they’ll have to use Spotify’s player to play, pause and manipulate the service in any way," he said today

The new music sharing on Facebook is being called "connective tissue" in describing the way in which users can share music and playlists. Words like "bridge" and "remote control" have also been used. Under this new plan, Facebook Music would just be a conduit for other streaming music services, providing outbound links to each of the services instead of a central Facebook Music Player.

Back in June, we talked about how a Facebook Music offering would be listed under a tab in the left-hand column of a Facebook page, alongside Photos, Friends, Places (etc.) and would be a "music dashboard" that integrates music recommendations from friends. This would have been a sort of Facebook Music player for a variety of music platforms, like Spotify, MOG, or whatever streaming music service your Facebook friend uses.

In other words, Facebook keeps being Facebook, but would integrate new ways of sharing with your social media peeps. The other side of this is that the streaming music services like MOG, Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody will add a "Facebook Connect" log in feature on their services, to allow users to share music in a user-friendly and convenient way.

Also: this week, other Facebook Music partners arose as possibilities, including SoundCloud, Amazon, MySpace, VEVO and Deezer.

Check out more about steaming music sites in the Spacelab Streaming Music Guide.


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