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A New Portishead Album will Arrive ... Someday

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By: Corey Tate
September 21, 2011

There was 11 years between the second Portishead album (self-titled) and their third album aptly titled Third -- and there's signs that a new Portishead album is being pushed out even farther into the future. What is it with Bristol bands? Is there something in the water supply? Massive Attack was famous for pushing out the release of their album for years, and Portishead told us all back in 2010 that 2011 was the year that they'd be in the studio.

Based on an interview in Rolling Stone, it appears that the new Portishead album hasn't even gotten off the ground yet. When asked by RS if they've started working a a new Portishead album, Geoff Barrow said:

"No, we haven't. I'm going to start in January, I don't know when Beth's gonna start or when Adrian [Utley] is gonna start, but I'm gonna get my head together for January basically to start writing. Historically that could mean fucking 10 years. [Laughs] We're only ever going to release something that we feel comfortable with or else it's not worth releasing basically."

He said back in July that a new Portishead album long and arduous process:

"We tend to disappear into a studio for a long long time and sometimes it can get pretty dark which in a way is a part of the creative process, it's part of what makes us make the music we do, the kind of world we create around us. This is making it different, we'll be playing live shows around it that might have a good influence on it, I'm hoping that it does, I'm quite excited about the whole thing."

All in all, I guess I can't argue with success. The band does put out quality music.


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