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Watch the Video for Yuck - "Milkshake" Live for Room 205

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
September 22, 2011

Volume 2 in the Yuck video series for Room 205. This song comes across as more pop-driven than its noisefest predecessor, "Rubber." This time around, Yuck plays the pop concoction card without coming across as too saccharine. Model Ariela Marin makes a now-requisite appearance to kick things off.

"Rubber" was all punk rock-era Sebadoh meets My Bloody Valentine meets Jesus and Mary Chain, this comes across more as Matthew Sweet combined with Lemonheads. So alive ... this whole sound breathes life in a way that cut and paste editing has forgotten. The energy, the buildup, the noise and the intensity. It's exciting to listen to.

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