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Spotify Facebook Integration Demands Facebook Connect ID

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By: Corey Tate
September 26, 2011
In the ongoing of saga of the love triangle that involves Spotify, Facebook and you comes the news that any new users to Spotify will have to use Facebook Connect to sign on to Spotify. If you're a brand new Spotify Premium subscriber, you'll still have to do a Facebook login to use Spotify. Premium subscribers from before this week can still use Spotify without Facebook.

Can I suggest the inevitable term SpotiFacebook? Or Spotispy?

“You need a Facebook account to register for Spotify. If you have an account, just log in below to register. If you don’t have a Facebook account, get one by clicking the ‘create an account’ link below,” is what Spotify users see when they start using Spotify. The Spotify login is now redundant.

This either forces you into signing up for a Facebook account, or having your entire listening experience transmitted to the new Facebook Timeline. Think about it ... every guilty pleasure in any of your Spotify playlists will now subject you to ridicule among your peers. I hope you can man up to that.

What do you think about this?

Although the reactions to the Spotify-Facebook integration range from outright hostile to the more passive-aggressive group swearing that if they didn't have a Spotify Premium code account that pre-dated this week, they'd be off Spotify. The good news here is that you no longer need a special Spotify invite or premium code to get in, you just have to have a Facebook login.

This harkens back to a Microsoft Windows-era tactic from the 90's when Microsoft tried to uses its dominant position to force users / customers into things that were solely at the benefit of Microsoft, like forcing them to accept Internet Explorer, or making PC manufacturers have exclusive Windows contracts, eliminating user choice for operating systems.

"As an existing Spotify user, you can still use the service without actively using Facebook. However, from last Thursday, all new users will need to have a Facebook account to join Spotify," said Spotify's PR rep when speaking to AllThingsD.

It seems that Spotify and Facebook have decided to either leverage their position in an attempt to gain (yet even more) dominance, or failed to anticipate how big of a user backlash would happen. Or maybe they anticipated and just figured they'd roll with it. The big question now is -- how big is the backlash? Any change will create a rift with some users, and change needs to happen to keep a service like Spotify or Facebook relevant (see MySpace), so was this the right change?

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