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Apple Leaks iPhone4S and iCloud Information Before iPhone 5 Release Party

Apple Leaks iPhone 4S and iCloud Information Before iPhone 5 Release Party

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By: Corey Tate
October 02, 2011

Are these leaks intentional or the slip ups of incompetent middle managers at Apple? This weekend saw two complete leaks of information surrounding Apple's iPhone 5 release announcement this Tuesday. One involves the accompanying iPhone 4S and the other is for iCloud.

The iCloud release date is likely to be revealed at this Tuesday's iPhone event, and on Friday Sam Oliver at AppleInsider said a reader had accidentally received an email welcoming him to iCloud ... even though it hasn't officially launched to the public yet. It didn't shed much light on what iCloud does, except what's already been determined from Apple, like in-the-cloud storage of music, photos and documents.

"Once iCloud is set up, it stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. For example, buy a song with iTunes on your computer, and it will appear on your iPod touch and iPad," reads the email. It does not, however tell us if there's a streaming music or movie service included with iCloud, which is the juicy detail everyone is waiting for. Apple is working on worldwide iCloud music rights.

And the iPhone 4S looks like it's part of something on Tuesday, with the iPhone 4S Sprint version and iPhone 4s Verizon version combined into a single phone capable of service through both Verizon and Sprint. SlashGear talked about how the iTunes update that happened last week included some obscure information about the iPhone 4S, and was quickly pulled and left out of the later iTunes download.

As for the iPhone 5 release date, it's widely believed that a new iPhone 5 will be introduced on Tuesday, but that the release date will happen weeks later. It seems that a new iPhone 5 features include an 8 megapixel camera, the A5 processor found in the iPad 2 and 512MB of RAM.

There's also the theory of an iCloud iPhone, which would combine all of the iCloud storage features into an iPhone with less onboard storage. Maybe this is the iPhone 4S announcement? It's even been theorized that this could be a free iPhone, that comes with the cost of an iCloud subscription, like what older cell phones did in exchange for a two-year contract. Think of what a free iPhone would do the smartphone market ... nobody's offering a free smartphone. Yet.

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