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Spotify Private Listening Mode Emerges from Online Freakout Over 'Frictionless Sharing'

Spotify Private Listening Mode Emerges from Online Freakout Over 'Frictionless Sharing'

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By: Corey Tate
October 03, 2011
Spotify has updated its app so that users can now hide their listening behaviors from Facebook. They're calling it the Spotify "Private Listening" mode, and it appears to be in response to the recent blow up over too much sharing on Facebook and Spotify. Peeps got spooked.

"Now you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. We call it "Private listening" and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu," reads the announcement from the Spotify Twitter.

Spotify has camped the new feature under the Spotify "File" menu, and will allow users to hide what they're listening too from public eyes. There was a quick online backlash from people who didn't mind sharing, but wanted to have a choice between a public and private mode. Netflix and other sites that include public "viewed" list have private modes, so it seems like an oversight on the part of Spotify.

After announcing their Facebook integration, last week, Spotify users justifiably freaked. The phrase "guilty pleasures" kept bubbling up in everybody's comments. Apparently we all have music in our Spotify playlists that's tantamount to listening to "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Croft.

The Spotify Facebook integration is a venture into what Facebook is calling "frictionless sharing," which basically translates into "ease-of-use in exchange for giving up privacy choices." I give them credit for trying, but it seems that they played the wrong card, because it's causing a lot of friction.

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