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Apple's iPhone Announcement Video - Where to Watch

Apple's iPhone Announcement Video - Where to Watch

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By: Corey Tate
October 04, 2011

So the big day has finally arrived: Apple's iPhone 5 release announcement happens today. Not in Cupertino to see the event? No prob, you can watch it online via CNNLive, at roughly 1 p.m. ET. Vertex TV is also planning on covering the event.

It's widely believed that new iPhone 5 features will include 512MB of RAM an 8 megapixel camera, and an A5 processor. The iPhone 5 release date is expected to happen weeks later than today's event. It's also expected that there will be some kind of an iPhone 4 announcement as well, possibly with an iPhone 4S Sprint version and iPhone 4s Verizon version deployed as a single phone with service available through both Verizon and Sprint.

Over the weekend, Apple accidentally sent out an email about its new iCloud service, plus an iTunes update included references to the iPhone 4S before being deleted from later versions of the iTunes download. The iPhone 5 price is expected to run around $199 to $299, and although it's unconfirmed, there's been talk about an improved voice-command feature.

The idea of iCloud iPhone has also emerged, combining iCloud storage features in an iPhone with less onboard memory than past iPhones, with the idea that extra storage would happen in the cloud. Maybe this is the iPhone 4S announcement?

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