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Flying Lotus Is Makin' a Movie

Flying Lotus Is Makin' a Movie

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By: Corey Tate
October 04, 2011
Flying Lotus might be better known for his surreal soundscapes of electronic music, but his first love is apparently film, and he's currently looking at making a movie over the next year. It's unclear how this will affect his music schedule, but there's no doubt the film score to any Flying Lotus movie will be awesome.

FlyLo is the LA-based DJ who you may know from mind-expanding albums like Cosmogramma, a jazz and hip-hop-influenced effort that saw him break new ground as a DJ-producer. Here's what he said when speaking to LA Weekly:

"Oh, I am. I'm trying to write the script right now, so I'm working on it. I finally got the idea that I feel is like good enough to represent things I really would like to see in a movie you know. For a while, I was like, "Let's just make a movie because I wanna make a movie" but this one is like, "I wanna see this shit so I gotta see it through." It's too early to say who I'm gonna work with on it but you know I got a lot of really amazing talented filmmakers in my life right now. I've just been bouncing my ideas off them trying to build the script. I don't wanna say too much about it yet. I don't like to do music videos. I did them but it's not really my game. I hope to spend next year doing a film.

This isn't the only film project is doing right now. He's also working filmmaker and animator Miwa Matreyek on a new art project titled "The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come." Miwa Matreyek is known for her live performance and installation work using projection.

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