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New Metric Album In 2012: No Weakness

New Metric Album In 2012:
No Weakness

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By: Corey Tate
October 05, 2011
Metric last checked in with the world on the album Fantasies, then the remix album Fantasies Flashbacks. Now it looks like 2012 will be another year with a new Metric album -- they're looking to release it in the Spring.

To write the music for the album, Emily Haines split her time between Toronto and New York, and tried to do it more like she had in the beginning of Metric, meaning that she took more of a carefree and less-structured approach.

"It was as though I was just starting out, hanging around the local bars and writing songs late at night on the piano at home. I was trying to push my writing forward while walking down streets I've been walking down since I was 15. Riding my shitty bicycle. Like none of the last 10 years of being in Metric -- going from playing clubs to playing arenas, wrangling with the business side, all the personal drama -- ever even happened," she said when speaking to SPIN.

Metric self-released their last album, Fantasies, on their own. They worked their way up the food chain the hard way (but better way), and own a bigger stake of their future as a result. It's hard work, but it can work out for the best in the long run. They essentially created their own label, with Mom + Pop as a distributor. This time around, Metric gets gets to be Metric on their own terms.

So what can we expect on the new album? Emily and the band want to make a great album through and through, and so Metric will set out to create something with deep tracks, meaning the whole album will be good, not just a few tracks and a lead single.

"There’s no room for anything weak on an album these days, in my opinion. We have too much respect for our fans to just indulge in something for ourselves -- we’ll save that for the concerts. [Laughs] Sonically, we just want it to be fucking beautiful. That’s all we’ve ever wanted, and we just keep trying to inch closer to the sound we hear in our heads," she said.
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