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Esben and the Witch Will Release a Spooky Music EP in November + MP3

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By: Corey Tate
October 05, 2011
New Esben and the Witch digital EP Hexagons, due to be released on Nov. 7 via Matador Records. It'll be six tracks of spooky new sounds from Esben and the Witch, and it's the follow up the album Violet Cries from earlier this year. The band is doubling down on the sonic aesthetic of the song "Hexagons IV" from Violet Cries, while trying to capture the energy from their live show and put it into the recording.

Hailing from Brighton, England, Esben and the Witch make music that renders goth as a pale imitation of the dark side. Earthy, pagan-esque sounds rumble through their music, making it a good soundtrack for things like ... your next trip to Stonehenge. Or the Fall season, and the release date for Hexagons is perfectly timed to coincide with the the dead season.

Check out an advance copy of the song "Hexagons II" in MP3 form above, and watch out for some kind of special Esben and the Witch event to go down on Nov. 4.
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