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Google Music 4 App for Android Leaked

Google Music 4 App for Android Leaked

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By: Corey Tate
October 09, 2011

A Google Music app (version 4.0.1) has been leaked and shows more information on how the Google Music Android experience will happen. The news was broke by Android Police, who said the the new Google Music app has "a new interface with more options, better controls, and an all around cleaner look.You can download the Google Music app over at Android Police.

It looks like the more recent version of Music 3, but they've tightened things up quite a bit. There's less wasted space on the "Now Playing" screen, dropdown menu capabilities have been refined, and it looks like the music search has been changed.

Lifehacker is saying that "The new version of Google Music (which is apparently from Ice Cream Sandwich, but works with Gingerbread and Froyo just fine) hasn't added a ton of new features—it's just changed around how the interface works. " It looks like both Android phone and Android tablet users will be in on this one.

The app plays out a lot like the recently (and quietly) launched Google Music iOS app. Its for devices like iPhone and iPad, but is a browser-based Google Music player, rather than a stand-alone app. iOS users can get to it by just going to http://music.google.com/.

The Android ICS Launch should reveal more about Ice Cream Sandwich features and a new Nexus-branded handset, often referred to as Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus. I'm hoping for news about a long-rumored Google Music Store to get more details as well.

the original launch of the Google Music Beta happened back in May, and it lets you play music from a cloud-based storage and it works on Android devices as well as computers. Google Music allows for 20,000 songs stored free of charge, offline playback of your music as well as direct streaming.

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