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Apple TV 3 Update: It's In iOS5

Apple TV 3 Update: It's In iOS5

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By: Corey Tate
October 09, 2011
A new Apple TV 3 story has emerged about  a new Apple TV update that has been included with the new iOS5 launch. Deep in the iOS5 code is a reference to AppleTV3,1 and that means that Apple is at least testing the a new version. An Apple TV launch is not guaranteed, but at least we know that something is the works.

"The number changing from 2 to 3 represents major changes, and with the Apple TV recently gaining a fully re-designed case, we expect this upgrade to mainly consist of internal changes," reads the story from 9to5Mac, who broke the story.

9to5Mac also guesses that this could support 1080p resolution, something that happened in the most recent iTunes update and would be a must have for any Apple TV update. The update supported full screen video and apps with a full-screen mode, and is 64-bit capable.

Of course, this all fits nicely with the Apple TV Set theory that has made rounds over the Summer, a story that has Apple creating a new HDTV that will tie-in to iCloud and iTunes. Throw in the whole Apple TV service offering and you've got nice hardware, software and services to give you a high-quality music, video and app offering. Apple TV rumors have been hot this Summer.

There's also been the iCloud licensing issues for Apple TV and iTunes, in which Apple is looking into licensing TV shows for real time streaming, support for Vimeo, and this would all play out on the Apple TV set, Apple computers, iPad and iPhone via iCloud.
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