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Spotify TV is Coming to Boxee

Spotify TV is Coming to Boxee

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
October 17, 2011

It's Spotify! It's on your TV! It's from Boxee! Spotify is now going TV-ready with a new Spotify Boxee app. It'll let Spotify users access their Spotify accounts on their TV in one of two ways: using a computer that's connected to the TV and uses the Boxee app, or the infamous Boxee box.

"Adding Spotify’s huge music catalogue to a Boxee Box with a Premium subscription costs less than a cup of coffee per week (9.99/month $, € or £). Of course anyone can try the service on their computer for free (with a few ads) or for 4.99/month without ads using an Unlimited account," reads the announcement from Boxee.

In August, Grooveshark got its groove on with Boxee, and Pandora Radio and Last.FM are on Boxee as well. It's a free service that finds TV shows and movies on the web them and allows you to experience them on your TV. The Spotify Boxee app will only let users listen to existing items on their Spotify account, not create new content, so making new Spotify playlists on Boxee is out, at least for now.

“There’s bound to be people who aren’t as happy that you can’t edit playlists or do searches on the app. But, we really wanted to train them to realize that they shouldn’t be doing that stuff on their TV anyways,” said Boxee VP of Marketing Andrew Kippen when speaking to VentureBeat.

The recent Spotify Facebook Music partnership has opened new inroads for Spotify after their U.S. launch earlier this Summer, which led to an app update so that Facebook users can hide what they're listening to. They're calling it the Spotify "Private Listening"mode, and its in response to the recent blow up over too much sharing on Facebook and Spotify. Spotify also has 250,000 paying users in the U.S., as was announced by Reuters.

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