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Check Out The Beets – “Friends Of Friends”

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By: Corey Tate
October 26, 2011

The Beets hail from Queens, New York, and their album Let The Poison Out arrives via Hardly Art Records this week. The album features the patented Beets components of jangly acoustic guitar and straight-up "sing-along" lyrics. Stereogum calls it "shout-along," which might be more fitting.

MP3: The Beets – “Friends Of Friends”

The roughness of the sound on The Beets might sound like a mistake. Like the first time I slipped in a CD of Pavement's "Summer Babe" for some friends and they laughed at the thinness of the sound, thinking that I'd been "ripped off" by buying such an awful recording. But the music was decidedly lo-fi, and those friends were into the thick-sounding heavy metal of the nineties, with people like mega-producer Dave Jerden producing mega-sounds for rock bands to be played on mega-FM radio stations ... different times were those.

Cut to now, and The Beets sound reincarnates some of the best lo-fi acoustic sounds from Lou Barlow's bedroom recording experiments set against a kind of 60's pop leanings. Their music is a combination of indie rock and retro-folk stylings, almost reminiscent of The Duchess and The Duke, another Hardly Art band.

It's hard not to like this song. It's short, fast/uptempo and earnest-sounding -- The Beets sound like they fully believe in what they're doing and it comes off in their music. So shout along!

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