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Watch the BretonLABS - Edward The Confessor Video

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
October 27, 2011
This definitely sets off the angst-meter in the best way. There's something off-kilter about Breton's music in the song "Edward the Confessor," and although the video seemingly moves slowly, focusing on British youths in an almost slow motion-type of way, and they all look so angry. The BretonLABS choice here to create angst and animosity without a flurry of short cuts is a stellar choice, it instead focuses the viewer into a proximity with the angry youths. You can't look away, and they just look so ... angry. It's like they were just coming from the London riots.

And props for the high-quality footage in the age of the mobile phone video. Shot at an NFL-films level of 1000 frames per second to allow it to be slowed waaay down, it captures "anger in its most undiluted form," as Breton's label FatCat Records puts it. The heavy footage comes from photographer and film-maker Niall O'Brien, who has an exhibition titled "Anger" that features London kids ... looking angry.

The music of Breton includes "guitars, bass, synths, drums and laptops to create a truly original melee incorporating hip-hop, electronica, cinematic soundscapes," as their label puts it. I call it unclassifiable but modern and very cool. Nice with the "lab" thing in the name, BTW. Peeps!

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