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Soundcloud Hits iPad With New Mobile App

Soundcloud Hits iPad With New Mobile App

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By: Corey Tate
November 2, 2011

Soundcloud has launched a new Soundcloud iPad app that lets users create and record sounds from within the app, then share them via the Soundcloud web site. It's also social since one unique part of the Soundcloud experience is that listeners can embed comments in the song itself, so when you listen to the song you can see what others love or hate about the music. It's available now at the Apple App Store for the iPad. If you're a musician or a music lover, you can use this app to find and distribute new music.

After the recent performance of the Flaming Lips for the MTV O Festivalin which they played the Beatles song "Revolution" as recorded on an iPad, this should come as no surprise. Bjork also cited a number of iPad apps she had created in order to make music for recent album Biophilia. The iPad seems to be one of the hottest digital tools right now for musicians.

The Soundcloud player is also available at http://m.soundcloud.com/ for iPhone and Android people. Soundcloud as a mobile experience seems to be a big part of their future, and the use of the embeddable Soundcloud player makes it a favorite of musicians and music bloggers for quick and down and dirty access to getting music out to people.

"It takes full advantage of the functionality of the iPad, enticing people to capture and share sounds in a more social context than they might expect," said Alexander Ljung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud.

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