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Listen to Atlas Sound - Parallax in Its Entirety

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November 02, 2011

The new Atlas Sound album Parallax is being released via 4AD recording label on Nov. 8, and the full album is streaming right now, courtesy of the NY Times. Here's what they had to say:

"His latest album, “Parallax,” released under his solo moniker, further proves Cox’s lo-fi genius, showcasing his deftness at weaving multilayered lyrics through harmonizing electronic tones and across undulating beats to create catchy but complex pop songs. It’s worth noting that the album’s title refers to the optical effect wherein our perceptions of various objects’ relative positions depend on our distance from them — if you drive down a highway, the tree line whizzes past while faraway objects like the sun barely move at all. It’s one of those facts in nature that seems intuitive and yet, upon examination, gets quite confusing quite fast. The same can be said of Cox’s songs."

Collective: via NY Times

Listen to more audio on the Spacelab Media Player.

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