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Apple TV Vs Hulu Plus: The App Store Story

Apple TV vs Hulu Plus: The App Store Story

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By: Corey Tate
November 3, 2011

The Apple TV vs. Hulu Plus debate is simmering with talk of a hold up on the Hulu Plus app approval because of "political reasons." If approved, it would be an Apple TV update that would give users access  to the app without trying to find a workaround to watch Hulu Plus content. So is this true or just rumor-mongering?

The report in 9to5Mac says that "While there are no technical issues standing in the way of the Hulu Plus release on Apple TV, there appear to be some political ones. At some level at Apple, there appears to be some consideration that the Hulu Plus app could eat into iTunes TV sales on the Apple TV. Where Netflix tends to run older programming, iTunes is the Apple TV’s only outlet for current TV programming."

The history of the Apple App Store making inconsistent choices around who gets accepted is well told in the Steve Jobs biography, they're generally consistent on approval process but occasionally won't allow an app that seems to cut into their bottom line. So it may seem with the Hulu Plus app. Still, the idea of keeping Hulu Plus from being added to the pantheon of Apple TV apps is one that might drive customers away, and the effect of that could cost more than the profit protection of keeping the Hulu Plus app out. There are a number of Hulu Plus devices out there, and they include the iPad and other Apple products. Another theory is that with a potential Hulu sale possible, Apple might be waiting for a sale to be final before approving the Hulu Plus app.

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