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The Big Sleep MP3

The Big Sleep Wake Up with Nature Experiments + MP3

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 3, 2011

The Big Sleep are back from their slumber to release a new album next titled Nature Experiments on Jan. via Frenchkiss Records. So the next big question is thinking is ... what will it sound like? Based on the song "Ace," it sounds like a firm footing based on the past, but bigger sounding. Less experimental but more listenable in a good way. A touch of pop song influence to create a better song structure. This might be influenced by bassist/vocalist Sonya Balchandani's use of GarageBand as one way to help write songs.

MP3: The Big Sleep "Ace"

"I think it's normal to write a little past the edge of your capabilities, so then you have to deliver, and the next time around, you end up pushing yourself again. We are always just looking for and editing ourselves towards what feels right, what we can both agree is putting across a feeling in a style that's truly 'us'."

It's been since 2008 that they released the wildly popular Sleep forever. “We took a little break, worked on stuff separately and just lived our lives,” explains bassist/vocalist Sonya Balchandani.

“It obviously took longer than we thought it would,” adds guitarist/vocalist Danny Barria, “but I wasn’t feeling rushed or pressured. I just wanted to write good songs.”  

The Big Sleep: Nature Experiments Track List
1. #1
2. Ace
3. Valentine
4. Ghosts In Bodies
5. Wood On The Water
6. Red Carpet
7. Ladders
8. Four Wishes
9. Meet Your Maker
10. 1001

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