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Bjork Biophilia Tour Video

Watch Björk – “Thunderbolt” Live Video from Biophilia Tour

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 3, 2011

There's a new video of Bjork performing live from her Biophilia tour, and it's online at BoingBoing right now. Bjork is live in Reykjavik, performing the song "Thunderbolt." The video is awesome quality, with good color and sharpness and audio quality. Bjork is always proper on the quality details. In a note to BoingBoing about the "Thunderbolt" video, she says "Am playing live shows in Reykjavik at the moment. Here comes a recording of thunderbolt live. Please please, do me a favour and use headphones or proper speakers when you listen." Check out the full Bjork Thunderbolt video.

VIDEO: Björk – “Thunderbolt” Live Video from Biophilia Tour

Bjork is out on two-year long Biophilia tour right now, one that travels to eight cities and does long stays in each city. The residency allows for time for Bjork to conduct workshops, shows and do a lot of Biophilia hyping.  The Biophilia album and apps experience was released earlier this year, and is the a major throw down on redefining the music release in the modern age. If you dig the "Thunderbolt" video performance here, than you can also check out her Biophilia live album that's due out some time in the future. It's from her Manchester International Festival performance that kicked off the whole Biophilia tour in the first place.

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