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Use YouTube Music Videos on the Google+ Social Network to get Viral

Use YouTube Music Videos on the Google+ Social Network to Get Viral

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By: Corey Tate
November 4, 2011

Now you can promote your band or indie film by making your videos available on the  Google+ social network. Check out some YouTube video ideas to make your music go viral in mobile and Google Search.

If you're a musician or filmmaker, you can create a profile as an individual on the Google+ social network and share your music video or latest film with your followers. Starting this week, you can access YouTube videos with a YouTube icon at the top of the Google+ page, create a YouTube playlist (or just one video) and put it on your Google+ profile. From there, your followers or others who find it through Google search can share it via the Google+ Circles feature.

Google+ won't allow band names, company names or film companies, but you could throw yourself out there with your own name, as a guitarist for your band, or your name as a film director to connect with other Google+ users. It can help you get found by people using Google Search, so getting a YouTube playlist out there on the blog scene can be furthered by getting your Google+ on. It's also likely that Google+ will be tied into the Google Music Store, making deeper connections for people to find your music. Filmmakers, the same goes for you and the YouTube Video Rental Store. Now consider that the YouTube channels thing is something that they're ready to double down on next year and the YouTube entertainment strategy is something you can get in on.

I know, I can hear you already ... the last thing you need is one more social network to push. But if you really want to succeed at what you're doing, it has to be an accepted part of how you get your name out there. Doing what has been co-opted as the Radiohead model of self-promotion means that you're the equivalent of a social media marketing manager of your band or film. Welcome to the future. Better yet, welcome to your future.

So will this be displayed on the flipside? Meaning ... will the +1 recommendations show up on YouTube as a "like" does on Facebook? The  Wall Street Journal checked in on this and said "With YouTube now baked into Google+, the next question to be answered is how Google+ will be integrated into the world’s most popular video viewing website.  The [YouTube] spokeswoman did not have an answer, saying, that “people can expect deeper Google+ integration into YouTube in the future.”"

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