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What Would an Apple Overhaul of iPad, iPhone and MacBook Bring?

What Would an Apple Overhaul of iPad, iPhone and MacBook Bring?

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By: Corey Tate
November 4, 2011

Apple might be set to overhaul its entire line of products in 2012, including a new iPad, iPhone, iMac and MacBook, according to a report in Digitimes. Using super-trendy geek words like "upstream supply chain" and "next-generation iPads," the Digitimes report says that Apple has laid out plans to revamp everything and that there are parts orders to prove it.

"Apple plans to completely overhaul its product lineups, including iPad, iMac, iPhone and MacBook Air, in 2012 and is expected to finalize order volumes for key parts and components for the next-generation iPad in December, according to sources in the upstream supply chain," they said yesterday.

So the speculation is this -- there's two iPads, fueling the idea of an iPad 2S and an iPad 3. The iPad 2S will come early in the year and the the iPad3 happens in the second half of 2012. A new iPhone 5 and iMac will arrive in the second half of the year as well, which would crush the once well-worn method of an iPhone launch in the Summer and replace it with one more inline with holiday sales. They started the new iPhone launch trend this year, and could continue it next year.

Perhaps the bigger concept to think about is what are the upgrades and why so many products at once? Apple hasn't overhauled this many products at once, like ... ever? Someone correct me in the comments if I'm wrong. So what do we get? Siri all up in every new iPad, iPhone and computer? iCloud enhancements everywhere, optimizing the entire Apple overhaul for a new life in the cloud for iTunes? Or Apple TV everywhere, uniting the potential of streaming movies and TV shows with streaming music?

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