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Apple TV vs iTunes, Which is the Future?

Apple TV vs iTunes, Which is the Future?

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By: Corey Tate
November 7, 2011

Which do you think is the future: Apple TV or iTunes? Is Apple working towards streaming media-like concept as Netflix does with movies/TV shows as well as Spotify, MOG and Rdio do with music; or will Apple stay focused on a download model via iTunes as they've done in the past? Or, for that matter, offer both, side-by-side, because consumers increasingly use streaming services to try out new content while at the same time buying/downloading content they like the most? Last week's Apple news of an overhaul of the iPad, iPhone and MacBook in 2012 brings to light the idea a major update in Apple hardware next year, so what are they updating for? One thing we can count on as users of the product is an Apple TV 3 update or iCloud TV show streaming capability is shaping up.

We also have to consider the Apple TV vs. Hulu debate -- will content owners favor a traditional model of working their media out on exclusive channels, or go with a more up to date theory of getting their content onto multiple channels, like Netflix, Apple TV / iCloud AND Hulu? How will this affect the kind of services we see in the future?

This is also fodder for the much talked about Apple TV set, which is not an either/or at this point. It's perfectly reasonable to consider that what we've known as the service called Apple TV could continue as a separate box alongside an Apple TV set (as separate products), or that that the Apple TV service of yore could morph into a bigger, badder beast known only as iCloud, with streaming movies, TV shows and music all in one complete offering. How would THAT be for a game changer? Nobody is offering a place to connect to streams of music, movies and TV shows in one complete service. This could be another example of Apple connecting the dots on existing capabilities and giving them to us as nobody has before, something they pulled off massively with the iPhone.

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