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Leila Has A New Album In January with Mt. Sims

Leila Has A New Album In January with Mt. Sims

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 8, 2011

Leila has a new album coming out on Warp Records next year, with a supporting role being played by none other than Mt. Sims. The album is titled U&I and is due on Jan 23/24, it features Mt. Sims doing vocals over a number of the tracks including "Welcome To Your Life," "Anyway" and "U&I." The word acapella has been dropped to describe the type of some the vocals, so Leila with an acapella vibe paints a sort unfathomable picture in the mind at this point. Should be interesting. It was in part an Internet venture using Dropbox to exchange sounds back and forth. Dropbox: not just for stealing music but also music creation.

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Leila - 'U&I' Track List
01. of one
02. activate i
03. all of this
04. welcome to your life
05. in consideration
06. eight
07. (disappointed cloud) anyway
08. interlace
09. colony collapse disorder
10. boudica
11. in motion slow
12. u&i
13. forasmuch

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