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Los Campesinos Hello Sadness

Listen to Los Campesinos - “Hello Sadness” In Its Entirety

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November 09, 2011

Los Campesinos, the well-travelled and well-heeled band that used to inspire the use of the word twee like there was no tomorrow, have a new album out titled Hello Sadness. How does a band that used to be at the forefront of a happy-go-lucky twee movement go from that to an album titled Hello Sadness? They grew. And they grew up. The most ironic of outcomes for a happy band is to become dark and serious, and keep everyone guessing. Guess what? They're pulling it off, in spades. Check out Los Campesinos on Hello Sadness for yourself.

STREAM: Los Campesinos - Hello Sadness (full album stream)

Spacelab Collective: via NPR Music

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