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Sigur Ros Are Going to Release a New Album of Ambient Music

Sigur Ros Are Going to Release a New Album of Ambient Music

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 9, 2011

Just when you might have thought that any idea of a new Sigur Ros album was dead, that the Sigur Ros INNI project was just a rehashing of old stuff because they were tapped out as a band comes the news: There's a new Sigur Ros album happening. It sounds like a bit of the old and a bit of the new: it will be an ambient album.

Watch 20 Minutes of Video from Sigur Ros’ INNI

Of course, all of the Sigur Ros fanatics can jump all over that and say that Sigur Ros has been ambient the whole time, it's a core part of their sound. But in a new interview to hype up the Sigur Ros INNI release, Jónsi made it sound like it was a new invention for the band. He said that after the the last Sigur Ros tour the band hit the pool, which is to say their studio which in a space that used to be a pool, and started moving through old ideas -- "recycling," before breaking free and making music that was a "takeoff."

"The band's next album is scheduled for release in the spring. Based on excerpts presented by Mr. Sveinsson, the new music promises to be as exceptional as the best of the band's catalog. Mr. Hólm called it "introverted," while Mr. Birgisson said it was "floaty and minimal." "An ambient album" was how Mr. Dýrason described it, with "a slow takeoff toward something." For a visitor who heard a preliminary recording in which Mr. Birgisson's falsetto was surrounded by rich choral voices and what sounded like a pipe organ, the music was thrilling" reads the end of the WSJ interview.

So does this mean another all-out Sigur Ros tour in 2012?

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