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Google Music Event on Wednesday: MP3 Store and Google+ for Music

Google Music Event on Wednesday: MP3 Store and Google+ for Music

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By: Corey Tate
November 14, 2011

The Google music event on Wednesday looks like a launch of the Google Music service and Google MP3 store, and the odds favor the inclusion of features like the Google+ social network and the Google Music Beta which launched earlier this year. A "Special event” invite has already been sent out for an event in Los Angeles, titled "These Go to Eleven" in a nod to the famous line from the movie Spinal Tap. Can you hear the sustain?

There's no finalized deal yet with Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI, so at this point they'll probably be launch without a licensing agreement or announcing at Wednesday's event who's onboard. Back in October, the news of Google being in negotiation with both major labels and independent recording labels appeared online, saying that Google was working towards deals on selling content for a Google Music Store. Right now, CNET says that "Google has signed a licensing agreement for the new service with Universal Music Group but does not have deals in place with Sony Music Entertainment or Warner Music Group, according to multiple industry sources." Meanwhile AllThingsD says that EMI Music and Universal is onboard, but Warner Music Group is on the sidelines. The recent news of the EMI / Universal Music deal supports this theory.

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There's been a lot of activity with the Google Music player in recent weeks, with the Google Music 4 app for Android being leaked in advance of their Android ICS Launch, which unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich features for the new Nexus-branded handset, sometimes called Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus. They quietly released the Google Music player in iOS for iPhone and iPad back in September, as an online music app that was a browser-based, cloud music HTML thing. This means you can just go http://music.google.com/ in your Apple mobile device and access all of your music library. Last week, Google rolled out a new Google+ feature, allowing users to access YouTube videos via a YouTube icon on their Google+ page to create a YouTube playlist for their Google+ profile. It allows sharing of the Youtube videos via the Google+ Circles feature.

So set your clocks, calendars and smart phones for Wednesday, the day that the Google launches the MP3 Store with new music manager features for users.

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