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Last.FM Scrobbler: 60 Billion Served

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By: Corey Tate
November 14, 2011

Last.FM quietly passed the 60 billion mark for scrobbling last week, a big milestone for the online music service. Last.FM is one of the music sites that has not only stood the test of time, but also provided a music service that's hard to find: the scrobbler. Scrobbling is a service that counts how many times you've listened to songs and then lays out the data in an interactive chart to show you what artists, songs and albums you've listened to the most. Last.FM can then also create music rankings based on what it's users listen to the most. So what was the big track that pushed it to the 60 billion mark? Lady Gaga of course, with the song Judas. Last.FM has now been folded into MP3.com.

“Hitting 60 billion scrobbles reinforces our position as the global leader in intelligent data on music discovery and recommendations within the broader music ecosystem,” said Matthew Hawn, Last.FM VP of product and marketing.

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