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I Was There: eMusic Launches “eMusic Scenes” iPad App

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By: Corey Tate
November 15, 2011

eMusic has launched a new iPad app today called eMusic Scenes. The free iPad app will feature different classic music scenes from the past and create an interactive experience with music, video and photos, as well as a history of the music scene itself. A tie-in with eMusic Radio will provide stations customized to each eMusic Scene, with the hope of creating an immersive radio experience.

Scenes featured in the eMusic Scenes app include Berlin Techno, 2000 - 2010, Athens College Rock, 1980 - 2000, Minneapolis Rock and Roll, 1980 - 1995 and New York Art, 1970 - 1985 among others. The eMusic Scenes experience doesn't end with what they've provided, they're encouraging a two-way exchange between the user and the Scenes app, asking the people who were there (cue LCD Soundsystem track above now) to add their experiences with stories. At this point it's unclear whether photos and video can be added by users, maybe there's room in the future for eMusic to add that? Also, what about the Android peeps?

"This is a unique way to feel the energy and vibe of a music scene through listening, reading, watching and commenting. For more recent scenes, we encourage people to comment and share their experiences, essentially making this app a music time capsule," said Richard Caccappolo, eMusic CTO.

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