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Watch the Google Music Announcement Video

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By: Corey Tate
November 16, 2011

So the big day has finally arrived: The Google Music event announcement happens today. Missed the the event? No prob, you can watch the video at the top of this page, or check out the details in the Spacelab recap. The Google Music event will likely include the launch of the new Google Music service / Google MP3 store, with tied - in  features for the Google+ social network and Google Music Beta. The "special event" is titled "These Go to Eleven."

There's also a lot of talk about tie-ins from T-Mobile and the Galaxy Nexus Prime phone, so it's hard to tell if these are exclusive partners or just the ones included in the event, with others being involved. Facebook took a similar approach earlier this year with their Facebook Music Launch, including preferred partners onstage while also including many more music partners than just the preferred Spotify. Also, it looks like Universal Music is in, despite the recent EMI sale, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Some back story to today's event: The Google Music 4 app for Android was leaked before the Android ICS Launch. Then Google quietly released the Google Music player in iOS for iPhone and iPad in September, as an online music app that was a browser-based app, meaning that going to http://music.google.com/ with your Apple mobile device allowed you to access your music library via the Google Music Beta. Also, Google has recently launched their new Google+ feature, giving access YouTube videos via a YouTube icon on their Google+ page to create a YouTube playlist for their Google+ profile, so you can share the Youtube video via Google+ Circles.

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