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Next-Gen iPad 3 Release Working Its Way Through the Apple Ecosysytem

Next-Gen iPad 3 Release Working Its Way Through the Apple Ecosysytem

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By: Corey Tate
November 20, 2011

A next-generation iPad 3 from Apple is already underway, with Samsung, LG and Sharp having shipped a million retina displays with two million more on the way.

LG, Sharp and Samsung have started producing new high resolution displays for an Apple iPad 3,  with one million finished and two million more displays on the way, claims Digitimes. TPK Holding & Wintek should be sending the high-resolution flat panels to Apple sometime before the end of the year, and Foxconn Electronics can start producing a new iPad 3 in January. The Register backs this up also, adding "600,000 to 1m iPad 3 orders have been placed by Apple," which would leave a reserve supply of retina displays for further iPad 3 production.

What's not clear at this point is what could potentially be an iPad 3 release date. The new tablet computer would have to go through a series of work after the displays were available, with different component assemblers doing their own relevant work in Asia and other parts of the globe. At that point, all of the releated iPad accessories and new iPad apps could begin working their way throught the Apple ecosysytem. As we know from the Steve Jobs bigraphy, Apple would have ultra-high standards for iPad 3 specs, demanding high-quality parts and production work.

There's lots of room for great new iPad 3 features this time around, as deep integration of Siri, Twitter, Notification Center and Newstand are all ready to be prime iPad apps on an iPad 3. There are over 200 new features in the iOS operating system, which would be set for an iPad 3 release to take full advantage of. Musically speaking, an iPad 3 should have full iCloud integration and the sky's the limit here for app developers to jump in and create next-generation iPad 3 apps for music and video. The freshly hatched Google Music Store and Google Music Beta is already primed for both iPad and iPhone, so peeps on that side of the camp could use Google Music on the iPad 3 as well.

There's a new Apple TV update that was included in the iOS5 launch, with the iOS5 code is a reference to AppleTV3,1 which means that Apple is at least testing something new. The Google TV vs. Apple TV choice would be a tough call at this point, as Google could choose to make Google TV only available to those on the Android platform as a way to drive people to but Android tablets. Any way you slice it though, both music and video should be front and center an the iPad 3 release.

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