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Spotify Global Press Conference Happening for New Spotify Service

Spotify Global Press Conference Happening for New Spotify Service

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By: Corey Tate
November 21, 2011

A Spotify invite for a press conference has been sent out by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek for the streaming music site to announce a new phase next week, with special guests. I know you've been asking yourself ... "What's next for Spotify?" Now we'll all know on Nov. 30 at 9 a.m. PT.

“In New York on November 30th, we are holding our first press conference to unveil the latest major development from Spotify - and a new direction for the company. The press event will be hosted by CEO and Founder Daniel Ek, along with special guests,” is the vague announcement coming out of Spotify.

Which has lead to a number of guesses from around the web. Peter Kafka at AllThingsD says that one possibility is a Spotify download MP3 Store, something they already do in Europe. PaidContent raises the interesting possibility of adding movies, video or books, an interesting change up. I've theorized about Apple doing this with a new iCloud / iTunes / Apple TV offering, and Spotify could beat them out of the gate on that.  PaidContent also raises the idea of an indie musician platform, something that Google started last week with their Artists Hub on the new Google Music and MP3 Store offering at the Android Market. St Holdings pulled a number of its recording labels last week, which a few groups have done, but an overwhelming majority of labels are still on board, making those that have left a small minority. All in all, the Spotify and Facebook Music offering that started in the Fall has brought Spotify into being on of the major streaming music sites in the U.S., so if they've got a NEW major announcement big enough to have a global press conference, it's got to be big.

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