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Spotify Has 2.5 Million on Spotify Premium, Global Expansion is Next

Spotify Has 2.5 Million on Spotify Premium, Global Expansion is Next

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By: Corey Tate
November 28, 2011

Spotify has hit a new milestone in its user count: 2.5 million subscribers. These are paying Spotify customers (not freeloaders), people who are actually using the Spotify Premium service. This is due in part to the Spotify Facebook nexus that's part of the Facebook Music thing that rolled out this Fall at the f8 conference. A cool 500,000 paying Spotify Premium users have been added since the Facebook f8 conference, according to Business Insider. The importance placed on Facebook and its Face Book Connect feature for Spotify and other streaming music sites has allowed for a lot of new people to take a look at the streaming music sites in a side by side comparison.

This Wednesday, Spotify will hold a global press conference with a a new direction for the company. It's a big big secret so far, but theories include a Spotify MP3 store, the addition of video (a.k.a. Spotify TV) and a Spotify indie platform to support emerging artists, but this theory might just be a reaction to the occasional exodus of a some indie recording labels from Spotify from time to time. It's hard to tell if any of these will pan out, and the Spotify MP3 store seems most likely, but there's also the possibility that something will emerge from the freshly opened API called libspotify 9. It makes Spotify an open source platform for developers to make Spotify apps that are an extension of the streaming music site, like the Echofi app that makes a Pandora Radio-like player using the Spotify music library. Maybe a new Spotify BlackBerry app or a new Spotify iPad app? Another possibility for the Spotify news conference is the recent trend of global expansion for Spotify and other streaming music sites.

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