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TuneIn Radio: The Best iPhone and Android App You've Never Heard Of

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By: Corey Tate
November 28, 2011

TuneIn Radio is the most-used streaming music app for mobile phones, according to a recent report from Onavo. TuneIn Radio came in ahead of Spotify, Pandora Radio and all the other streaming music sites on the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms. So what does it do in the modern age of streaming music sites and apps that let users do whatever they want with their music experience? TuneIn Radio does just what its name suggests -- it lets people tune in to FM and AM radio stations.

Unbelievable, right? I guess people like what they like, and they've had decades to get used to FM radio, and would naturally want to have that as part of their online music experience as well. So why don't we hear more about it more often? It's a highly used app on Blackberry, iPad / iPhone and Android platform that rarely is mentioned in the media, as AllThingsD points out. We all have our favorites and flavors of the month (remember Turntable FM from this Summer?) that get millions of write ups, while users use what they want to use.

"In fact, TuneIn told AllThingsD last week, in October it had 30 million active users listening to 58,000 different stations from all over the world, with 200 new streams, podcasts or on-demand channels added every day," says the article on AllThingsD.

GigaOm brokedown the TuneIn Radio data and found some big numbers, namely: 6.6 % of iPhone users were active, before Pandora at 5.8% and Spotify at 3.6%. Anyone else on iPhone was less than 1%. On the Android platform, the Google Music Beta ruled at 7.6%, Amazon MP3 at 5.4%, then TuneIn Radio at 4.9% before Spotify and Pandora Radio.

TuneIn Radio features over 50,000 stations that cover music, news and sports. Chances are, if you listen to a radio station, you can find it on TuneIn Radio. In addition to mobile music platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android, they're also on online TV apps like Boxxee and Windows Media Center (among others) and home audio systems like Squeezebox.

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