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iPad3 Release Due, Features and Date Still a Rumor

iPad 3 Release Due, Features and Date Still a Rumor (UPDATED)

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
November 29, 2011

We should see a new iPad 3, an improved iPad 2S and a cheaper iPad 2 next year, but a release date and features / specs are still the source of rumors. 9to5Mac has found source code in the new iOS 5.1 that backs this up. AppleInsider cites Analyst Ben A. Reitzes with Barclays Capital for more information on the iPad3 release and the revamped iPad2s.

Last week we found out that LG, Sharp and Samsung were working on the Apple iPad 3. An official iPad 3 release date is unknown at this point and will probably be the center of many iPad rumors in the months to come. Any new iPad 3 features will include Siri, Twitter, Notification Center and Newstand, which are all ready to be prime iPad apps.iPad accessories and new iPad apps will be developed around the new hardware and Apple’s new iOS operating system, which added over 200 new features in its last iOS update. A new iPad 3 release is tapped for iCloud integration and new iPad 3 apps for music and video.

The Google TV vs. Apple TV debate simmers on, but the new iPad 3 release gets closer by the day. The release date game is fun to play, and the iPhone 5 release date that played out in October came close on the actual date, but the iPad3 release date didn’t pan out for this year.  As we know from the Steve Jobs biography, a new Apple TV is coming and an Apple TV update was part of the iOS5 update.

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