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Spotify Announces Spotify App Feature for New Open Music Platform

Spotify Announces Spotify App Feature for New Open Music Platform

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By: Corey Tate
November 30, 2011

That Spotify press conference thing that everyone talked about earlier this week? It turns out that Spotify is opening their API called libspotify 9 to the creation of new Spotify apps, which means Spotify is now an open music platform as much a streaming music player. The move will allow Spotify apps to be created by anybody who wants to make one -- for things like Spotify playlists, concert tickets, online MP3 stores, special Spotify invites for listening parties, you name it. This means that our man Elliot Van Buskirk at Evolver.FM and Peter Kafka at AllThingsD were right on in their guess earlier this week about the new Spotify direction. The global press conference thing was announced last week.

New Spotify apps will be findable via a new "App Finder" feature inside Spotify as well as HTML5 creation, meaning that the apps will be easy to create and will live inside of Spotify. Launch partners include Rolling Stone, Pitchfork,  Songkick, Last.fm, The Guardian, Soundrop, Fuse and ShareMyPlaylists, among others.

The Spotify App is not an entirely new thing at this point, the Echofi app turns Spotify into a Pandora Radio-esque experience and was created by the Echonest. There is an existing Spotify BlackBerry app and a Spotify iPad app, although are entirely differnt animals than what we’re likely to see in the future.

When Spotify and Facebook first teamed this Fall, it was a big jump forward in terms of the ability to get out infornt of people (and feeding off of the Facebook nation helps to let people know that Spotify exists), but now Spotify comes into an existence of its own ... an international music platform of Spotify apps for the creation of a Spotify ecosystem, a smaller version of what Apple has going on.

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