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Apple TV Set Instead of Apple TV Update, Says Gene Munster

Apple TV Set Instead of Apple TV Update, Says Gene Munster

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By: Corey Tate
December 1, 2011

As a follow up to yesterday’s Apple TV 3 update story, it’s worth mentioning that Apple analyst Gene Munster made some comments at the IGNITION: Future of Media conference that also back up an Apple TV update, speaking to both the Apple TV set and the Apple TV box. His comments come via Business Insider:

  • Apple TV is going to happen as an Apple TV set, not an  Apple TV box as it exists now
  • Apple TV sets will be available in a variety of sizes and prices
  • Apple TV set prices will be big (the old quantity vs quality), because Apple's brand is about quality and people will pay to have the user experience
  • Apple TV will use Apple services and products to interact with it, like iPhone, iPad and Siri +  iTunes, the App Store, and iCloud
  • Cable subscription & cable box are still usable, as Apple TV may be more about product and usability than content (think iPhone, no music came with that)

Yesterday’s  Apple TV 3 update spoke of Bluetooth and XBox Kinect-style for gesture controls and  Siri for voice-activated commands. You could tell your Apple TV what you wanted it to do, or use motion and gestures to navigate the menus. Siri seems like an obvious tie-in, the Kinect gesture controls are aspirational ideas, the technology already exists to create something like that. VentureBeat thought through ways that this could apply to video gaming, something that the living room TV experience for an Apple TV could benefit from. Plus, games could be sold through the App Store, something Apple would like.

The Siri capability is a nice fit with the Apple TV set. iCloud and iTunes support is another set of Apple services that could make Apple TV set (a.k.a. iTV) a decent package to get access to movies, TV shows, and other video offereings. Now with Gene Munster’s words yesterday, the Apple TV set probability grows a little more. There’s an Apple TV 3 update for iOS5 so we know that Apple already has lines of code in the software. How it plays out will be interesting in the Apple TV vs Google TV  battle, as Google TV has some of these things (Google Voice, Android Market, people making Google TV-enabled TV sets) but the two companies seem to live in different worlds. As far as  Apple TV vs Hulu, Hulu has a long way to go.

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